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* Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the practice of using naturally distilled essences
of plants to promote the health and well-being of your body, mind, and emotions.
These essence, called Essential Oils, can restore balance and harmony to your body and to your life. Essential Oil
essences are created to center and enhance the body, mind and spirit in order to help us in preventative measures,
as well as, an effective cure for many illnesses. Scents can induce an amazing power as they influence our moods.
Our sense of smell is the most direct path to our emotions. This is the principle behind the Ancient Art of Aromatherapy.

   Fragrance affects us through the sense of smell. However, the effects of various aromas differ radically. Just as various emotions and thoughts change the colors of the aura, so do different scents. The psychic body is the seat of our emotions and is thus strongly affected by fragrance. 
   Essential Oils are extracted from certain varieties of trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses and flowers, extracted in a variety of ways. Their therapeutic value now being rediscovered and used widely. 
   Aromatic Oils were used by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans for thousands of years. Aromatherapy has both physiological as well as psychological use. Aromatherapy scents are designed to assist in reaching a heightened awareness for Meditation, Euphoria, Relaxation, Stress Relief, Inspiration, Stimulation, Sensual, Healing and many other specific purposes...and uses.

Essential oils are used in a variety of ways:
  You can diffuse essential oils through the air in your home or office 
  You can inhale them directly from the bottle.
  You can use them for skin care, hair care, and body care, as well as, for many beauty purposes.
  Personal hygiene, aromatherapy baths, foot baths.
  Giving and receiving aromatherapy massages.
  Inhaling aromatherapy oil blends to relieve congestion, clear your head and make breathing easier.
  You can also make wonderful fragrances by blending essential oils.
  Aromatherapy can help prevent or ease an assortment of ailments. Essential oils can boost the immune  system.
  You can treat aches, pains, injuries, with essential oils.
  Aromatherapy can help reduce stress, lift depression, restore emotional well-being, to increase productivity or alter moods.

Once you understand the purpose of why essential oils exist, you will want them in your life forever. They represent life itself, the source of all healing.
My wish is that you will share them with a friend, and let them experience some of your oils.

Essential Oils work on several different levels. They affect most people through the sense of smell. The sense of smell is the most complex and sensitive of the five senses.
Once the Olfactory receptors identify an aroma, nerve cells relay this information directly to the Limbic system of the brain. Here, aromas can trigger memories and influence behavior. Additionally, the Limbic system works in conjunction with the pituitary gland and the Hypothalamus region of the brain to regulate the hormonal activities thus triggering the production of hormones that govern appetite, body temperature, insulin production, overall metabolism, stress levels, sex drive, and conscious thought and reactions. The Limbic system also influences immunity. Essential oils can have a positive affect on all these functions.
Essential oils work through the skin as well. They can stimulate surface skin cells, calm inflamed or irritated skin, release muscle spasms, soothe sore muscles and relieve muscle tension.

( At the bottom of the page you will find a list of very helpful books)

We offer a complete line of 100% Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Floral Waters, Unscented Shampoo, Unscented Bath Gel and Bottles. 
We have an extensive inventory of very good quality Essence Oils, 
 suitable for Aromatherapy as well as Magickal work.

Mystic Magick Oil Blends...."Goddess Potions"

Essential Oils are  1 dram Bottles   (prices subject to change)

Category Stock# ItemName Description Price
Oils 101E Allspice Aromatherapy: Depression, Stress, Stimulate   Magical: Attract Money, Luck $3.00
Oils 102E Angelica Root Aromatherapy: Anxiety, Motion Sickness         Magical: Balance, Anchoring, Heartache $13.00
Oils 103E Anise Aromatherapy: Workaholic Stress, Stop Smoking Magical: Intuition, Euphoric $3.00
Oils 104E Basil Aromatherapy: Sinus, Headaches, Addictions Magical: Attract Business, Fear, Prosperity, Joy, Stimulant $3.00
Oils 105E Bay Aromatherapy: Memory, Stimulant, Sinus           Magical: Protection, Exorcism, Intuition $4.00
Oils 106E Benzoin Aromatherapy: Anti-fungal, Stimulant, Skin     Magical: Anointing, Purification $3.00
Oils 107E Bergamot Aromatherapy: Anxiety, Imbalance, Grief         Magical: Success, Confidence, Harmony $4.00
Oils 108E Bitter Almond Aromatherapy: Alertness, Stress, Nervous Stomach Magical: Wisdom, Strength $7.00
Oils 109E Black Pepper Aromatherapy: Confusion, Fatigue, Endurance Magical: Clarity, Courage $5.00
Oils 110E Cajeput Aromatherapy: Acne, Psoriasis, Herpes, Toothache Magical: Purification, Clarity, Calming $3.00
Oils 111E Camphor Aromatherapy: Fainting, Shock, Depression    Magical: Reduce Desire, Protection $3.00
Oils 112E Cardamon Aromatherapy: Digestion, Nerves, Fatigue       Magical: Love, Sex, Stimulant, Courage $5.00
Oils 113E Carrot Seed Aromatherapy: Skin Wrinkles/Dryness, Rashes Magical: Rejuvenation, Growth $5.00
Oils 114E Cedarwood Aromatherapy: Anger/Agression, Stress            Magical: Grounding, Balance, Fear $3.00
Oils 115E Celery Seed Aromatherapy: Sleep, Nerves, Diuretic              Magical: Awareness, Purification, Clarity $3.00
Oils 116E Chamomile Aromatherapy: Calming, Temper, Skin Headache Magical: Success, Prosperity, Gambling Luck, Removing Spells, Love $18.00
Oils 117E Cinnamon Bark Aromatherapy: Mental/Physical Stimulant      Magical: Money, Prosperity, Aphrodisiac $12.00
Oils 118E Cinnamon Leaf Aromatherapy: Cramps, Liniments, Energy      Magical: Awareness, Alertness $3.00
Oils 119E Citronella Aromatherapy: Insect Repellent, Colds, Skin   Magical: Purification, Revitalization $3.00
Oils 120E Clary Sage Aromatherapy: Childbirth, PMS, Hot Flashes Magical: Visions, Dreams, Fear, Frigidity, Impotence, Aphrodisiac $4.00
Oils 121E Clove Bud Aromatherapy: Memory, Stimulant, Sinus         Magical: Protection, Aphrodisiac, Fatigue $3.00
Oils 122E Cumin Aromatherapy: Digestion, Constipation, Appetite Magical: Security, Courage $4.50
Oils 123E Cypress Aromatherapy: Female Hormones, Cellulite    Magical: Grieg, Crisis, Temple Purification, Focus, Sexually Preoccupied $4.00
Oils 124E Eucalyptus Aromatherapy: Sinus, Asthma, Congestion       Magical: Purification, Balance, Psychic Healing, Emotions $3.00
Oils 125E Fennel Aromatherapy: Obesity, Addictions, Detoxification Magical: Psychic Awareness, Self-motivation, Intuition $4.00
Oils 126E Frankincense Aromatherapy: Lungs, Ulcers, Cysts, Skin        Magical: Spirituality, Deepens Breathing, Cord Cutting, Meditation $9.00
Oils 127E Galbanum Aromatherapy: Skin, Acne, Wrinkles, Tension Magical: Calming, Balance $6.50
Oils 128E Geranium Aromatherapy: Emotional Extremes, Hot Flashes Magical: Rejuvenator, Balance $3.00
Oils 129E Ginger Aromatherapy: Lungs, Liver, Colds                    Magical: Aphrodisiac, Stimulate, Purification $3.50
Oils 130E Grapefruit Aromatherapy: Weight Loss, Psychological Work Magical: Balance, Fear, Zest, Joy $3.00
Oils 131E Helichrysum Aromatherapy: Skin, Detoxify, Anti-viral          Magical: Comforting, Uplifting, Grounding, Heart Healing $22.00
Oils 132E Hyssop Aromatherapy: Stress, Heart, Depression          Magical: Clarity, Purification, Emotions $7.50
Oils 133E Jasmine Aromatherapy: Mood Changing, Fear, Childbirth Magical: Sensual, Romance, Confidence, Aphrodisiac, New Love $24.00
Oils 134E Juniper Berry Aromatherapy: Balance Appetite, Veins, Acne Magical: Strength, Restore, Clarity, Prosperity, Protection, Money $4.00
Oils 135E Lavender Aromatherapy: Calming, Temper, Headache, Skin Magical: Healing, Toning, Balance, Clarity, Serenity, Peace, Sleep $3.00
Oils 136E Lemon Aromatherapy: Detoxify, Gout, Heartburn        Magical: Purification, Indecisiveness $3.00
Oils 137E Lemongrass Aromatherapy: Skin, Headache, Indigestion    Magical: Anointing, Purification, Visions, Long-trips, Intuition $3.00
Oils 138E Lime Aromatherapy: Detoxify, Revitalize, Depression Magical: Balance, Cleansing, Motivation, Clarity $3.00
Oils 139E Mandarin Aromatherapy: Muscle Cramps, Skin                  Magical: Anger, Anxiety, Grounding $3.50
Oils 140E Marjoram Aromatherapy: Migraines, Emotions, Exhaustion Magical: Obsessive Love, Broken Heart, Grief $3.50
Oils 141E Mugwort Aromatherapy: Parasites, Stress, Relaxation    Magical: Visions, Astral Travel, Dreams, Intuition, Euphoria $5.00
Oils 142E Myrrh Aromatherapy: Emotional Release, Skin           Magical: Meditation, Purification, Healing, Protection, Inspire Spirit $8.00
Oils 143E Neroli Aromatherapy: Shock, Stress, Fear, Skin          Magical: Sensual, Success, Wishes, Joy $28.00
Oils 144E Nutmeg Aromatherapy: Energy, Muscle Pain, Fatigue Magical: Lust, Love, Luck, Money, Grounding $3.00
Oils 145E Orange Aromatherapy: Stress, Heart, Depression          Magical: Shock, Purification, Energy, Prosperity, Joy $3.00
Oils 146E Palmarosa Aromatherapy: Nerves, Skin, Stimulate             Magical: Balance, Rejuvenation, Wishes $3.50
Oils 147E Patchouli Aromatherapy: Calming, Reduces Appetite       Magical: Grounding, Sex, Attraction, Money, Fertility, Love $5.00
Oils 148E Pennyroyal Aromatherapy: Parasites, Insect Repellent       Magical: Exorcism, Protection, Purification $4.50
Oils 149E Peppermint Aromatherapy: Headache, Fever, Stimulate      Magical: Energy, Joy, Revitalize $3.00
Oils 150E Petigrain Aromatherapy: Digestion, Fatigue, Memory    Magical: Clarity, Stabilize, Relax $3.50
Oils 151E Pine Aromatherapy: Parasites, Liniments, Congestion Magical: Hopelessness, Weakness, Fear, Recuperation $3.00
Oils 152E Rose Aromatherapy: Heart, Calming, Skin, Rejuvenation Magical: Love, Romance, Crisis, Aphrodisiac, Confidence, Sorrow $24.00
Oils 153E Rosemary Aromatherapy: Memory, Stimulant, Sinus         Magical: Creativity, Success, Confidence $3.00
Oils 154E Rosewood Aromatherapy: Headaches, Fever, Skin            Magical: Serenity, Self-love, Emotions $3.50
Oils 155E Rue Aromatherapy: Parasites, Headaches                Magical: Exorcism, Grounding, Sex $4.50
Oils 156E Sage Aromatherapy: Female Balance, Strokes, Acne Magical: Purification, Wisdom, Memory, Money $4.50
Oils 157E Sandalwood Aromatherapy: Anxiety, Urinary, Nerves           Magical: Grounding, Aphrodisiac, Peace $11.00
Oils 158E Sassafras Aromatherapy: Skin, Stimulant, Balance          Magical: Health, Prosperity, Energy $3.00
Oils 159E Spearmint Aromatherapy: Old Memories, Nausea              Magical: Freedom, Joy, Power, Pease $3.50
Oils 160E Spikenard Aromatherapy: Anti-aging, Skin, Circulation  Magical: Harmony, Balance, Anointing $11.00
Oils 161E Spruce Aromatherapy: Arthritis, Asthma, Stress            Magical: Grounding, Meditation, Purification $3.00
Oils 162E Tangerine Aromatherapy: Cellulite, Nerves, Sleep             Magical: Restlessness, Irritability, Serenity $3.50
Oils 163E Tea Tree Aromatherapy: Fungus, Skin, Earache              Magical: Purification, Shock, Cures $4.00
Oils 164E Thyme/red Aromatherapy: Parasites, Stimulate                  Magical: Cleansing, Exorcism $4.50
Oils 165E Thyme/white Aromatherapy: Memory, Stimulant, Sinus        Magical: Strength, Courage, Confidence $3.50
Oils 166E Vetiver Aromatherapy: Nerves, Skin, Stimulate             Magical: Balance, Grounding, Anti-theft, Attraction, Money, Love, Sex $5.00
Oils 167E Violet Leaf Aromatherapy: Skin, Nerves, Anti-aging          Magical: Healing, Luck, Love, Peace $20.00
Oils 168E Wintergreen Aromatherapy: Muscle Cramps, Skin                Magical: Pleasure, Youth, Fortune, Healing $3.50
Oils 169E Wormwood Aromatherapy: Parasites, Detoxification          Magical: Spirit Calling, Intuition, Love $4.00
Oils 170E Ylang-Ylang Aromatherapy: PMS, Impotence, Blood Pressure Magical: Love, Lust, Grounding, Aphrodisiac, Jealousy, Self-esteem $8.00



There are essentially two categories of therapy for patients of cancer. Clinical therapies, such as chemotherapy, surgery, and mesothelioma radiation therapy are likely the most medicinally beneficial. However, this is not to say that other, complementary, therapies are not important as well. These complementary therapies may not be able to cure the disease, but will often treat the holistic wellbeing of the person. Among the cancer patients who use these are patients of mesothelioma. One of the more common complementary therapies used by patients of mesothelioma is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is not for all mesothelioma patients and offers no cure for the disease. 


Some of our Favorite Aromatherapy Books:


Titania's Aroma Magic    $25.00

Bring the power of Aroma
to you spell-making.
Everything you need to create
Aroma Magic!

Essential Oil Diffuser
Essential Oil
Book of Spells    


500 Formulas for Aromatherapy  $12.95
By Carol & David Schiller

A great new book for the beginner!
Create your own personal aromatic oils for every use - healing, pleasure, and beauty.
with just this handbook, you can perfectly mix specific oils for your individual needs.



The Aromatherapy Book   $18.95
Applications and Inhalation 
 By: Jeanne Rose




Aromatherapy Basics   $14.95
By: Carol & Davis Schiller

Refresh your body and soothe your spirit,
with this ultimate starter guide guide 


Magical Aromatherapy    $7.95
The Power of Scent 
Practical Guide to Scent and Magic
By: Scott Cunningham 

This book is an absolute necessity for everyone working with aroma magick!


Pocket Guide to Aromatherapy $7.95
By Kathi Keville

A list of the best essential oils for each particular condition.
Tips for making your own formulas.
Recipes for complexion, emotions, healing, first-aid, well-being.



Aromatherapy for the Soul  $1995
By Valerie An Worewood

Healing the Spirit with Fragrance and Essential Oils.

Journeys need guides, and "Aromatherapy for the Soul" is such a guide - to the aromatic adventure.



Magical and Ritual Use of Perfumes
By Richard and Iona Miller

A comprehensive introduction to the art and metaphysics of perfumery, the subtle dimensions of scent and it's relationship to our deepest human impulses.

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